Setting up Quester in your children’s Phone

Hi Everyone
It only takes a few minutes to install Quester on your children’s Phone. Once installed, you’ll be able to see everything from your children’s Phone

1. Create Account

First, create your account from here

Now your are done with signup process, it was very simple right ?

2. Setup on your children’s Phone

Next Step is install and setup application in your children’s device,
download app from Play Storeand open the app

Now you need to login with your credential in your app
One’s login process is done, you need to follow simple step inside the app.
One’s setup is done app icon will goes hide, so your children want able to see app in home screen or in launcher. don’t worry you can make is visible from web admin panel anytime.

3. Monitor your children’s Phone

Now Everything is done, you can monitor data from here.