Do I need to download anything to the device?

YES – Download App from Play Store Quester for Android requires administrative access to the device you are authorized to monitor. This means that if the target Android device has a password lock, you will need to have password access to install Quester

How long does it take for recorded data to display in my account?

Recorded data will begin to display in your Quester account in near real-time. This means that once Quester for Android is installed on the target device, recorded data will start to appear in the account after that activity takes place on that device. If target device in offline then it will store data in phone and when device come online it will sync to our server

If I want to monitor more than one device, do I need to buy another license?

Yes Our Subscription model is device based, so each device need different subscription but you can use it free with limited function. still wants to know more please contact us at [email protected]  

Does Quester record phone calls?

Yes Quester offers a wire tapping service and will voice record conversations that take place. However, Quester for Android does record a history of calls that have occurred. This feature is called “CallLog” which includes call duration, time of call and phone numbers.

Does Quester for Android work on Tablets?

YES – Quester for Android is compatible with all Android devices (including tablets) running Android version 4.0 or higher.

Does Quester record Deleted Data?

YES Quester for Android records deleted data including call log, messages, photos.

Do I have to ROOT the target device?

No, Quester for Android does not require you to “root” the target Android device. Rooting is not only complicated, but also voids the devices warranty, and if the device upgrades to a newer Android version in the future, the “root” will be wiped out. Beware of competitors that require you to “root” the target device.

Can I use Quester for Free?

Yes You can use Quester as free, but thair will be some limited function for free user, you can check out Pricing

How to setup quester on Mi, OPPO and Vivo Phone

You can download and Quester console app Or Google Settings and install Note: For Google Settings do following settings for Google Settings instead of Quester After installing application follow steps to allow auto start and background access Follow bellow steps before login in Quester application Step 1: Open “Security” app Step 2: Select “Permissions.” Step 3: Select “Autostart.” Step 4: Scroll down to find “Quester” and swipe right to enable…