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Be a cyber-parent with Quester

Know, avoid and secure, is the thing that the Quester parental control application is about. Its point is to help guardians and overseers know the online way of life of their children. This empowers them to settle on better choices in keeping their children from doing things that could be exceptionally unfortunate to their lives. Likewise, to help guardians to shield their children from the online risks the Internet accompanies. With Quester you turn into a digital parent.

Similarly as guardians can find out about their child’s ways of life with the kind of physical companions they hang out with. So would it be able to be with the digital world. As per insights, there are more than 750,000 online predators consistently on the Internet. What’s more, over half of sexual misuse casualties are between the ages 12-15 years. All abuses happen in web based gaming talk rooms. Moreover, 82% of sex violations against minors are started by means of social locales.
Why parents need to do Phone monitoring
Cyberbullying is the number 1 reason for gloom and nervousness in children at present. This is on the grounds that more than 80% of children utilize cell phones which are the simplest medium to send dangers, mean messages and derogative pictures. What’s more, children, more often than not, are terrified or humiliated to try and inform their folks concerning it. One thing we know without a doubt is, everything that is posted online never gets erased. So sexting could frequent children for whatever is left of their lives either through employment looks in future or moral individual verification in any high position they may accomplish later on.
As guardians, we need our children to be children for whatever length of time that conceivable. In any case, too rapidly, they grow up and with innovation in 2017 the move to pubescence and adulthood appears to be significantly speedier than any time in recent memory. The normal tyke gets their first cell phone at 10 years of age! That is a youthful age to have so much duty.


How can a parent be a cyber parent?

Quester is free parental control app and monitoring app to protect your children from all smartphone activity, using Quester you can keep an eye on activities like call log with recording, SMS, contacts, location, photos, application and much more

to get start create your account and follow the instructions
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